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Service Enhancements

Purple Podiums

Hot stone: $20


Sinus Treatment: $25


Headache and migraine treatment: $25

TMJ: $20


Detoxing Pedisage

Our bio-energizer foot detox and massage draws out toxins and impurities through the soles of the feet leaving you refreshed and re-balanced.



This treatment will not only treat aging skin, this advanced treatment can eliminate scar tissue, back acne and stretch marks.



This treatment removes the dead skin cells and also the facial hair.


Cold Therapy

When exposed to cold, facial blood vessels constrict to decrease the amount of blood going to the affected area. This  reduces redness and causes fluids to pull back from the skins' surface, creating a vacuum-like effect. In turn, this decreases puffiness and inflammation as well as pull serums and other skincare products deeper into the skin, allowing your products perform better. Once the skin returns to its normal temperature, the subsequent dilation of blood vessels that follows cold therapy can increase circulation and bring more nutrients to the skin. The result is calmer, glowing, and more sculpted skin

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